Letter from the President

This year Shelter, Inc. is embarking on its 25th year of providing services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Northeast Michigan. Since Shelter, Inc. began providing services its service area and array of services has expanded tremendously and never more dramatically than in our last 4 years of operation. Community support of Shelter, Inc. has been one of the driving forces behind our ability to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with a variety of services that not only help them to survive the initial fear, turmoil and confusion that are inherent in domestic violence and sexual assault, but provides the with the tools and support to move on and become a whole and contributing member of the community at large. This past year Shelter, Inc. was audited by the Michigan Domestic Violence and Treatment Board. During this process Shelter, Inc. was in full compliance with all standards (86). We received ratings of excellence in 7 of the 86 standards. Additionally, Shelter, Inc. was highly commended for having 47 of 53 best practices firmly in place. This honor was achieved not only because of the wonderful community support we receive but also through the hard work and dedication of a staff and volunteers that are without question a group of extraordinary and exceptional human beings. Shelter enjoys the support and guidance of a very involved and active Board of Directors who have committed themselves to seeing that Shelter’s ability to provide service is equal to the task of meeting the needs of the communities it serves. At the helm of this ship is our Executive Director, Sandra Lewis, who has, with great vision, incredible skill and grace navigated Shelter through some rough waters and out onto the open sea where the outpouring of community support, both financial and otherwise has filled our sails. Together, there is nothing we can’t do. We have our sights set on a horizon where no victim of domestic violence or sexual assault will suffer alone. Our logo is a lighthouse . We want to be the beacon that gives hope to the lost and imperiled. Thanks to all those of you who so generously allow us to reach for that dream. You really are the wind in our sails.

Laura A. Frawley, President

Board of Directors